W2C Leadership Lab


“W2C Leadership Lab Sponsored By The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America” The Leadership Lab is an intense week of study, worship, and building relationships. The participants spend from 8:30 am- 11:00 pm each day in small and large group gatherings, planning, learning, prayer, and discovering where people are in their faith journey. On Saturday March 9th, 2013, Waukegan To College participated in the St. Paul’s Lutheran workshop discussing the Leadership Lab and filling out the necessary paperwork to possibly become a participant.


Parent Community Counseling “House Meeting”


On Saturday, the 9th of March 2013, the Waukegan To College parents also participated in the Parent Community Counseling “House Meeting” workshop. In this workshop, parents discussed the importance of connecting with each other within their local community and providing logistical support to develop stronger relational bonds between one another.

W2C Tutor In The Spotlight


W2C Tutor In The Spotlight

Kevin Arns is a George Washington University graduate who majored in Political Science and is currently working in finances as a Financial Advisor for investors at Co. Genworth. He is looking to pursue a career in law and he says that he is a firm believer in education, he loves to help the W2C kids get accepted into college and he loves the W2C program in its entirety. The subjects that he tutors students in are English and Math. He is the tutor of two 8th graders and one 9th grader. In his off time, Kevin enjoys reading, Trivia Pursuit, Baseball and Football. He is currently training for a Sprint Triathlon and his favorite food is Shepard’s Pie. Thank you for all of your contributions to the W2C Organization Kevin!

Waukegan To College Saturday Tutoring 16 March 2013



Waukegan To College “Feed My Starving Children” Event

This Saturday, on the 2nd of March 2013, Waukegan To College parents, students and staff (a total of 48 participants to include 7 volunteers) participated with the “Feed My Starving Children” organization. In a combined effort, W2C helped to pack 133 boxes which equals approximately 28,000 bags of food in a collective effort to feed 79 kids per day. The backend operators utilized pallet jacks to pull pallets of boxed food 25 pallets at a time. The food that was packed by the W2C organization is now being shipped to Haiti, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Swaziland, El Salvador, Thailand and Nicaragua to help starving children get the nutrition that they need around the world. Great Job Waukegan To College!


Waukegan To College Saturday 23 Feb 2013 Featured Tutors & Parent(s)

Tutors In Action! 23 Feb 2013
Tutor: Doug Warren
Student: Salvador Rodriguez
Subject Matter: Propaganda 
School: Jefferson Middle School
Grade: 8th


Tutors In Action! 23 Feb 2013
Tutor: Mike Hill
Student: Maria Villarreal
Subject Matter: Amplitude and Period of Sine and Cosine Functions
Class: Precalculus
School: Waukegan High School
Grade: 12th/Senior


23 Feb 2013 

Featured Tutor!
W2C Volunteer: Sarah Groebe
Senior at Libertyville High School
Thinking of attending Illinois State University or Western Illinois
Wants To Major In: Bilingual Education
Extracurricular: Violinist, Karate Student, Degree: Purple Belt
Favorite Academic Subject: Psychology


W2C Featured Parent!

Teresita Crrea w/son Donville James
Educational Background: Elementary Education
Occupation: 28 Years at The Ann Kiley Center as a Mental Health Technician
Interests: Affordable Education For Children, Enjoys Reading Biographies, Cultural Books, Time Magazine and Local Newspapers (Bilingual Readings As Well)
Enjoys Being Informed About Student Education, Taking Her Kids To The Museum, Downtown Chicago, Festivals, The Taste, Other Chicago Restaurants and ChinaTownImage

Tutors In Action! 23 Feb 2013
Tutor: Nick Rockway
Student: Antonio Carmona
Subject Matter: Reading, Syntax (Sentence Structure)
Class: Language Arts & Communications
School: Abbott Middle School


23 Feb 2013
Featured Tutor!
Larry Johnson
Larry’s Purpose: To Give Back While Offering Kids Help In Abbott Middle School.
W2C Volunteer (Substitute Tutor), 2nd yr. Tutoring at W2C.
Dedicated To Helping Kids Achieve in Mathematics as a 35 Year Retired Actuary of the All-State Insurance Company. Passion: Life Long Learning
Larry Johnson has a B.S. in Mathematics from Northern Illinois University and has passed 10 Exams To Become A Professional Actuary. Mr. Johnson stated that he gets more out of giving by giving even more to the W2C Community and also, that he is also very excited about students understanding the Mathematical Concepts.


Assailed Teacher


This is a question we hear being asked with greater frequency. The structure of the question is telling about the climate of teacher bashing in which we currently live. It assumes that there is some sort of numerical answer, either in a percentage or an absolute value. It assumes that we can reliably arrive at this answer. Most importantly, the existence of the question itself assumes that the “ineffective teacher” is a problem, one that presumably has a solution.

Let us say that we can arrive at a numerical answer. What do you do with that information? Do you identify the “ineffective” ones so they can be better trained? Do you merely fire them? A bit of both perhaps?

Assuming there is a core of intractably awful teachers who should be fired, what do you do next? From whence is the next generation of superstar teachers coming? This is…

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NBC Latino

WASHINGTON (AP) — An Education Department commission is recommending pre-kindergarten programs for every poor student within 10 years, adding a timeframe to President Barack Obama’s similar call to help the least advantaged arrive for their first day of classes as prepared as their counterparts from more affluent homes.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Tuesday released his Equity and Excellence Commission‘s report, which is not binding but includes input from his top aides and the White House’s chief education policy adviser. In the report, the commissioners documented the inequalities of the nation’s schools and recommended ways to ensure that students from poorer neighborhoods aren’t automatically enrolled in less-effective schools.

“The time has come for bold action by the states – and the federal government – to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools. Achieving equity and excellence requires sufficient resources that are distributed based on student need…

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