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Being accountable (literally) for educating yourself about personal finance

The Aspiring Adult

Late last year, there was a post published in the Huffington Post’s Money Blog. The post—written by Ben Mulling, the chief financial officer at TENTE Casters, Inc.— details the Four Steps to Educating Students about Personal Finance.

Mulling’s main message of the post is that college students must take personal accountability for educating themselves about finances. He believes that this lack of personal finance education is what leads students to make so many financial mistakes early on in their lives. Mulling cites that only 22 percent of students understand how income taxes work, and only 31 percent understand how credit card interest works.

Mulling’s message of the post resonated more so with me now than ever. Less than three months from now, some of my very close friends will walk away with bachelors degrees. They’ll also walk away with a substantial amount of student loans to…

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Seniors step into the workforce

Taking Notes? Ha.

Write Then & There

Sitting in Finance class. What is a desolate college student to do? Notes have been taken, seat buddies have been conversed with, and the professor is telling a story about the Dow Jones.

INSPIRATION! Or rather, a wonderful idea stolen from my friend, Ella. It consists of a little man walking among the blue notebook lines, when he realizes that life is more than just the two lines that he is strolling between. He then decides to step down and explore the line below:

photo 2

He becomes bored with the line below fairly quickly, and decides to move on to lower pastures, but loses his balance:

photo 1

Skipping forward in Little Guy’s life, he has somehow acquired a miniature dog and is taking it for a walk. Then, without warning, they come upon a cat, and…well…

photo 4

And of course

photo 3

I hope the rest of his day was less stressful!


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Breakfast: A Healthy Habit

Liberty Dining Dietitian

By Robin Quay, MS, RD, Sodexo Dietitian

Studies show that people, who eat a healthy breakfast, have a lot of other healthy habits which help them weigh less, feel better, and have more energy for work, fitness and leisure activities. People who eat a healthy breakfast tend to eat healthier foods throughout the day, and tend to exercise. People who skip breakfast, or grab a donut or a fast food breakfast, tend to eat unhealthy foods throughout the day. They also tend to be people who don’t exercise.

Eating a healthy breakfast can be an important step on the road to health and wellness. A nutritious breakfast contributes important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the diet, ensuring that you are getting everything you need so your body can perform efficiently. Breakfasts that contain protein and whole grains can help you feel full until lunchtime, so you avoid an unhealthy…

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How 8 Days With College Kids Brought Me Back to Life

unequally yoked

“Breathe. You’ve cried only twice today, Carrie, that’s improvement,” so the self-pep talks go these days.

Costa Rica

Wake up. Go to work. Sit at desk. Computer screen, internet, email. Meetings. Go home. Repeat. That’s been my version of “keeping my head above water” in the last couple weeks after returning back to Georgia from two of the most emotional weeks in Texas.

I was ready to give up on just about everything.

Then I boarded another plane and things changed.

My ticket read Guatemala City, Guatemala. Everyone who had been to Antigua before could speak only of their love affairs with her and her cobblestone streets, bright-as-the-sun hues, and magnificent landscapes. If possible, I would call it, “love before first sight.”

Fall in love I did. And, in only the way love can do, I awoke from my slumber.

When I look back on my time in  Guatemala and Costa Rica…

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